How do I check my Store health?

Visitors who use site search are more likely to purchase compared to those who use standard navigation, as they are shopping with intent. The search box comes with the expectations of delivering results.

By keeping a regular health check of site search for showing more relevant results, a business can help visitors find what they are looking for, place them in control of their shopping experience & increase customer loyalty & conversions.

Go to Dashboard and study the store status card. In this card, we display all the health checks of your store.

(Each health check would have a last updated date & different indicators indicating a different state of health checks)

State of each indicator is as follows:


  • Synonyms health check reflects synonyms’ health of your store. Each time a synonym is added, edited or deleted, Wizzy updates the Synonym health of your store.

  • Store Schema health check indicates the health of your store search. Whenever you push new products to Wizzy or get it synced directly from Magento/Shopify, Store Schema health will be rechecked by Wizzy. It ensures that your search is capable of discovering your entire Catalog.

  • Autocomplete health check indicates the health of Autocomplete/Suggestions of your store. Similar to Store Schema, every time a new product is pushed to Wizzy either through API or directly from the Magento/Shopify, Wizzy will recheck the Autocomplete health of your store. It ensures that your store visitors get accurate suggestions from your catalog.

(If any of the health checks is showing Red or Yellow indicator for a long time, please feel free to contact us on We will try to fix the issue as soon as possible.)

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