How to generate API key in Wizzy? What are its uses?

To use all the store related Wizzy APIs, following details are required: 

  • Store ID (in which you want to execute the API request)
  • Store Secret (in which you want to execute the API request)
  • API Key

Once you create a Store, Store ID & Store Secret will be assigned to you.
You can create an API key using following instructions:

  1. On the navigation bar, go to API Keys
  2. Press Generate new API Key on the top navigation bar
  3. A new API will be generated, which can be used to:
    • Save Products – It is used to sync your store products on Wizzy’s server. It’s a bulk save API & you can sync up to 30,000 products in a single request.
    • Search Products – It is used to fire the Search query in your catalog. Upon successful execution, Wizzy sends you all the relevant products along with facets & filters payload.
    • Filter Products – It’s a filter API that can be used to filter products on Search results page.
    • Delete Products – It’s a bulk delete API. Whenever a product from your store is deleted or that product doesn’t need to appear in Search, you can execute this API with all the product IDs & Wizzy will remove those products from Search.

You can find more about each API with documentation on

Wizzy in a Nutshell

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