How to manage Synonyms in Wizzy?

Visitors use the keywords on Search which are not always the exact word in your product portfolio. They use the synonyms of those words for which stores do not show them optimum results.

Wizzy allows you to create associations between search terms & catalog data. This is how you can manage Synonyms in Wizzy:

  1. On Navigation bar, Go to Settings>Synonyms.

  2. Press Add New button on top navigation.

  3. In Keyword field, insert the word used to find the products in your products catalog. We have taken ‘Sunglasses’ as an illustration.

  4. In Related words field, insert the words which visitors can use to search for the same product. For example, visitors use ‘shades’ or ‘glares’ for sunglasses while searching.

  5. As soon as you update Synonyms, we will turn on the Synonyms health check.
    In case you find it Red or Yellow indicator for a longer time feel free to contact us at

Wizzy in a Nutshell

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