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Converting Visitors into Buyers which ultimately increases Sales.


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(AI & ML)

Inbuilt self learning algorithms which understands visitor’s intent and shows exactly the same products customer wants. Enabling personalisation touch to
e-Commerce store with AI technology.

Data cleaning
& Integration Support

Keeps your catalog clean and increases product visibility on store. Providing hassle-free integration support no matter what platform your store is built on.

Reliable, Relevant,
Rapid (3R)

Our 3R model helps online stores to increase their sales via making shopping experience more personalised, reliable and fast.

A next generation shopping experience that convert first-time visitors to customers


Visitors use site’s internal search engine


customers claimed purchasing fashion items online in 2018


Of Average Users who complete a search are more likely to Convert


Visitors are influenced by personalized recommendations


Search Users who find Exact Match can generate Total Revenue


Average Time Visitors spent before deciding whether or not to Remain on the site

Supported in major
eCommerce platforms

Magento 2 Search Extension

Wizzy is a must have Magento 2 extension to improve search on your Magento store. We offers personalization search extension for your Magento 2 site with auto complete feature.

WooCommerce Search Plugin

Wizzy supports WooCommerce as well to improve the search in store. It is must have plugin for your WooCommerce store.

Shopify Search App

Wizzy is a must have Shopify app for your Shopify store. We offers personalization Shopify app to improve your Shopify search on website.

Any other platform?

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