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Intelligent Enterprise Search out-of-the-box

Designed to provide super fast and the most relevant results, integrate Wizzy’s intelligent search engine
in your e-commerce store and deliver exceptional user experience that promotes more conversions.

Advance Data Structuring

Store and manage your product data in the most efficient and organized way that facilitates fast access on the front-end.

Fully Customisable

Customise the search based on your business needs, not just in terms of look, but overall algorithmic structure.

Customer’s Intent Engine

Create a search experience that understands your user intention and show the exact same results they are looking for.

Smart Autocomplete

Provide smart product suggestions as your customer type in the search bar, allowing them to discover products faster.

Advanced Facets & Filters

Apply advanced facets and filters to your search query to further narrow down the search results based on the user interest.

In-Built Swatches & Variations Support

Allow your customers to view product in different colors, sizes and materials by adding stylish and intuitive swatches.

Search-as-you Type Functionality (Real Time)

Start showing results as users type in the search box, which saves a significant amount of time and enables faster conversion.

Mobile Friendly

Compatible with mobile browsers and platforms, Wizzy delivers the same search experience on the mobile devices as on the desktops.

Multi Currency Support

With a wide range of currency support, customers in different countries around the world can search in their desired currency.

Multi Store View Support

Configure your store to be viewed in different views to serve customers coming from different countries.

Real Time Indexing

Manage your product catalogue in the real time as Wizzy updates the catalogue instantly as soon as you add or delete the products.

99.99% Uptime

With 99.99% uptime, your sales will never suffer as Wizzy search will always provide relevant and fast results to your customers.