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That Understands
Natural Language

Wizzy’s NLU models understand search queries that are long and unstructured and improves search results by learning visitors’ search queries continuously. Meaning your visitors see relevant search results all the time.

Fast Autocomplete Search

Wizzy enables your shoppers to quickly see smart suggestions relevant to every word they type on your search bar. Our popularity algorithm constantly understands what shoppers search and click, thereby improving search results continuously.

Advanced Filter Search

Wizzy allows your shoppers to apply a wide range of filters to narrow their search to find the right product very quickly.

Real-time Analytics
At Your Fingertips

Wizzy analytics allows you to understand why a sale happened, why a sale didn’t happen, and understand how many searches directly led to sales. All in real-time. Wizzy also tracks visitor behaviour and generates insights you can use to make positive changes to your business.

That Understands

Wizzy automatically learns new, unique, colloquial search terms and instantly matches them to the right products. Meaning your visitors will always see relevant search results, even for complex search queries.

Spell Checks

Wizzy creates a search index and compares every misspelt search query and reduces common spelling errors in real-time. Meaning your visitors always see the right search result regardless of spelling accuracy.

That Shows
Product Images

Wizzy shows relevant product images to your visitors instantly and creates a smooth, visual shopping experience.

That Is

Wizzy search features and benefits work across desktop, tablet, and mobile phones without any hiccups. Meaning your visitors enjoy the same standard of search and shopping experience on any device.

What Our Customers Say About Wizzy

Wizzy has helped us improve our search experience to a great level. Our customers love the search experience like never before - from search suggestions, quick results (ajax), search filters to analytics - this ...


Ayurvedic Lifestyle

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Wizzy Search and Filters is a great app for retailers. It helps them to make the most of their website by displaying the most relevant product to their customers. Wizzy doesn't have a lot of features, but it is ...

Lipka Home

Kitchen And Bathroom Fitting

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Most versatile Search & Filters app on Shopify. It works like a charm on our website with blazing-fast loading of search results._
_Wizzy Team works closely with us to ensure that for every query the right s ...

Spyker Lifestyle

Apperal & Fashion

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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The Smartest Search Engine For E-commerce Stores

The power of AI/ML on your store

Our artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms work in the background to understand visitor intent and show them exactly what they want to buy.

Use Wizzy on any platform

Use Wizzy on any platform, even on a custom-coded website with 100% smooth integration and support. And increase your product visibility by maintaining a clean catalog.

Improve shopping experience and boost sales

Increase sales on your store by making shopping experiences more personalised, faster, and reliable.

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