Top 6 Benefits of E-commerce Product Personalization

Gone are the days when there were only a couple of e-commerce sites and people had no other choice, but to buy from them. Today, with hundreds of online retailers out there, competing against each other, customer experience is what can help you make your business stand out. Users, today, expect online sellers to provide tailor products and services for everyone. This includes capturing customer information, product recommendations, personal messages and other data, to provide custom shopping experience. Here are top 6 perks of including personalization into your site.

#1 Positive User Experience

The primary benefit of e-commerce personalization is you can provide a positive experience to your customers, which in turn increases the likelihood of your consumers returning. When you create targeted ads, personalized landing pages and customized emails, your customers will be able to find particular content that address to their needs.

#2 Generate More Revenue

E-commerce personalization not just helps in increasing sales, but also keeps your customer satisfied and boost their loyalty. According to a study conducted by Deloitte, a total of 36% customer would prefer buying personalized products or services. They are even eager to pay a little extra or wait a little longer for customized products.

#3 Increase Customer Loyalty

A customized customer experience undoubtedly helps in boosting customer loyalty. Customers feel special and they are bound to come back when they know the brand listens to them and puts extra efforts to aid in their purchase decision. Based on the research conducted by Exact Target and Forrester Consulting, over 80% of all marketers believe that offering product personalization has improved customer retention. Thus, a customer’s loyalty can easily be converted into more sales.

#4 Grow Brand Engagement

When your customers are able to relate themselves to your site, they are certainly going to spend more time on it and come back in the future. This is what personalization can help you achieve. A study states that more than 60% customer consider buying from a site that remembers their name, contact details and order information.

#5 Better Insight into Customer Data

Customer data, buying pattern and trends are strong tools for any business. These tools allow you to get customer insight and give you a strong competitive advantage. Using technologies like data analytics and CRM, businesses can capture customer data and use it to know their customer tastes and preferences in ways their competitors can’t.

#6 Take Your Business One Step Ahead

Offering product personalization can truly make the online shopping experience unique for your customers. The popularity of the physical stores has greatly reduced due to the fact that they are not able to deliver personalized attention and cheaper price tags. Integrating product customization can help you differentiate your website from your competitors. It is no secret that a friendlier website will appeal to users more and urge them to convert into customers.


Offering e-commerce product personalization can benefit your business in more ways than one. One way to drive personalization is by incorporating Wizzy site search into your site. This intuitive e-commerce search engine will help you forge relationships, increase conversions and provide intriguing experience to your users.

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