Week In Review From The World Of D2C And E-commerce – 11 JUNE 2022

In this week’s news from the world of D2C, we bring you stories from how B2B brands plan to go D2C, what’s impacting beauty’s D2C efforts, Amazon and Google’s e-commerce push, and why Zara wants to charge for returns.

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Why You Need Natural Language Search on Your Site to Improve Conversion

Read our analysis on the impact of natural language search on your visit-to-sales conversion on any e-commerce store.

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Decoding The Amazon Search Bar

Read our analysis of how Amazon site search works and what independent ecommerce stores can do to transform site search.

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How Google is Trying Anti-Amazon Strategy to Support D2C Brands

In the recent years, e-commerce industry has witnessed a massive growth and a quickly evolving atmosphere. With covid-19 pandemic in 2020, more customers are turning to online stores rather than going to physical retail shops. This has created an urgency to come up with new shopping marketplaces that would compete with Amazon. Recently, Google came…

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