7 Tips To Enhance The User Search Experience For Your eCommerce Store

Every eCommerce website has two types of visitors: browsers and shoppers. This visitor is stuck in the middle of the sales funnel. This user has only just learned about your site and is browsing it casually. This user is in the exploration stage, where he will look through all of the products on your website….

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Why You Need A Separate Analytics Dashboard For Your Site Search For E-Commerce

Explore the reasons why e-commerce websites and apps need a separate analytics dashboard to understand search behaviour and impact of search on sales and revenue.

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What Is The Role Of Search Filters In E-Commerce? And Examples Of Best Shopping Filters

Here is an analysis on the importance of a smart search filter and examples of the best e-commerce search filters.

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What Is Autocomplete Search and Why Your Site Needs It

You should pay attention to autocomplete search on your shopping site. Read this analysis to understand its importance and impact on your sales and revenue.

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How Site Search Analytics Can Help You Grow Your Revenue

Read about how analysing your site search data can help you grow your sales and revenue.

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How This Apparel Brand Grew It’s Search-Led Conversion By 200%

Read the story of how on of India’s popular apparel website grew its revenue with the help of Wizzy smart site search.

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How To Choose The Best Site Search Plugin For Your E-commerce Site

This blog post focuses on six things you should keep in mind while choosing an on-site search plugin for your e-commerce website. Let’s begin.

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8 Strategies To Create A Personalised Shopping Experience On Your Site

A detailed analysis on the eight strategies to create a personalised shopping experience on your e-commerce website.

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Decoding Google Shopping Search

Read Wizzy’s analysis on the technology and user experience behind Google Shopping search.

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Importance of Site Search in E-commerce and 6 Ways to Improve It

For many businesses, site search is just a box in the UX checklist that needs to be ticked. It is often perceived as a small space where visitors type in their searches. With customer expectations growing higher than ever and acquisition getting harder than ever, brands that don’t leverage the full of potential of site…

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