7 Effective Ways to Engage With Your Customers Post-Purchase

Companies spend a lot of time improving their conversion rates and reducing abandoned cart rates, but what happens after the users buy from you. Most brands assume shoppers will re-enter the sales funnel and start shopping again. However, that would be a costly mistake to assume that customers will re-enter the sales funnel on its…

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Omnichannel vs. Multichannel Stores – Introduction & Key Differences Explained

In the world of e-commerce, digital marketplaces, social selling and physical stores, multichannel and omnichannel are the most popular buzzwords. Businesses today strive to reach more customers by setting up multiple online storefronts and marketing channels. However, the multichannel marketing often runs into problems like miscommunication, style inconsistency and confusing user experience between those channels….

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Top 10 KPIs to Measure in Your E-Commerce Store

When measuring the sales performance in e-commerce, it is very easy to get overwhelmed by vanity metrics that don’t really pass useful information about how the sales are performing. As Avinash Kaushik, the digital marketing expert at Google says, most businesses are data rich, but information poor. That means all businesses have data, but they…

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7 Effective Cross-selling and Upselling Techniques to Boost Your E-commerce Sales

Cross-selling and upselling offers obvious benefits to all e-commerce owners regardless of what industry they belong. In fact, over 30% of all customers order again from the same online store within the first year of placing their first order. Product recommendations have proven to increase average order value. There are several personalized product recommendation tactics…

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