4 Best Tips to Enhance User Experience in Magento

With increase in competition amongst online retailers, it has become more difficult to gain the trust of customers and retain them. You and your competitors are selling the same commodities, but what will make your business stand out is how to treat your customers and do all the possible efforts to provide them with the best browsing experience. The satisfied customers will not only buy often from you, but they are highly likely to recommend your business to their friends and family.

Magento is a great choice of framework when it comes to developing robust and intuitive website. However, managing and optimizing it to deliver an improved user experience is a big challenge. Therefore, in this post we have tried to highlight some tips that will help you boost user experience, gain the trust and increase your conversion rate.

#1 Provide an Efficient Search Function to your Customers

If your website allows your customers to search for their desired products with minimum efforts, this means your site is intuitive. The on-site search is of the utmost importance when your website has a huge number of products. When you incorporate Wizzy site search, it will dramatically enhance your search function. With features like auto suggestions, spelling corrections and personalized recommendations, your visitors will surely find what they are looking for, even if they don’t know its spelling or name. However, it is important to make your search bar visible as soon as the user visits your website.

#2 Create a Mobile Optimized User Interface of your Website

Have you ever thought what happens when your users access your site from their mobile? Even if you have a good desktop UI, it doesn’t mean it will work flawlessly on your mobile. You will need to have a different design for your mobile  than desktop. Having a mobile optimized site will keep you ahead of your competitors. A responsive mobile site will certainly drive customer engagement.

#3 Use Clear Navigation

Your users are likely to leave the site if you don’t offer structured and clear navigation. Navigation is the crucial part of the website as it helps your users to find what they are looking for. The purpose of the navigation menu is to show all the main sections of the website and make navigation simpler. Avoid using complicated headings that may confuse users. If don’t offer understandable, easy and intuitive navigation, your UX may suffer.

#4 Simplicity is the Best Policy

Every time you design a page, ask yourself whether it is easy to browse and navigate. Simplicity doesn’t mean limiting the functionalities, but it is about creating clear overall design and minimize distractions. The is important because of the fact that people can scan only a limited amount of data at a time. If we see too much information altogether, we are easily distracted. Therefore, to create a positive user experience, get rid of everything else that is not necessary. Improving UX in your Magento store requires a lot of resources and attention. If you wish to reap high returns, make sure you hire a competent Magento development company that knows how to deliver pleasant user experience.

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