How to Boost eCommerce Sales with On-Site Search Plugin

On-site search plugin can considerably and directly impact sales revenue. In the physical store, salespeople can guide visitors to locate their desired products, but when it comes to online, your site search plays the role of your sales staff. Your prospects can purchase products only when they are able to find them. So, the bigger your inventory, the more advanced site search you need to excel in the e-commerce market.

Site search engine is extremely useful for your prospects as it helps them find whatever they are looking for. It seems like an absolute addition from the sales perspective, but it has a lot more capabilities than you think. In this post, we will discuss some great advantages of having an effective site search that will ultimately help in generating more revenue.

#1 Understanding what your users search

The primary advantage of an efficient site search is that it allows you to discover exactly what your prospects are looking for when they visit your site. This data will give you a necessary insight into your user’s mind. For instance, you can find what products are getting more searches and it will enable you to market those products even more efficiently.

#2 Improving user experience

User experience is the feeling that you get when you interact with a website. It is one of the important factors that help in winning user trust and urge them to convert into customers. Having an efficient search engine will allow your users to easily and quickly find the products, which will result in better user experience and ultimately more sales.

#3 Cross-sales

Though, the main advantage of having a search engine is to sell products in less time, the site search also helps in finding related or similar products that are easily forgotten. Implementing advance search engine from Wizzy will allow you to show personalized product suggestions and remind users of the items that are added into the cart, but not purchased.

#4 Learn about new products that you don’t stock

You may learn about specific products that your users are looking for, but you don’t have in stock. This gives you ideas about new products that you can add into your store. Without this site search data, you may never know these sales opportunities and you will easily lose your prospects. You can also show similar products, if the actual product is not in stock at the moment.

#5 Showcase trending products

As we all know, things don’t stay the same for a long time. While selling online, you may find that some items become more or less popular over time. When you examine the site data, you get a better idea of which products are gaining popularity and which are getting less popular. You can highlight the trending products on your website and plan marketing strategies accordingly.


Site search engine is an exceptional e-commerce tool that will considerably improve your sales and enhance user experience. Whether you are just starting out or need to optimize your existing site search, Wizzy search engine will maximize your site’s effectiveness.

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