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How to generate API key in Wizzy? What are its uses?

To use all the store related Wizzy APIs, following details are required:  Store ID (in which you want to execute the API request) Store Secret (in which you want to execute the API request) API Key Once you create a Store, Store ID & Store Secret will be assigned to you.You can create an API…

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How can I manage the Currencies of my store?

Usually, visitors use keywords like ‘below $100’ or ‘under INR 500’ to filter the products & get the exact product options within their price range. For which, the store is unable to show the appropriate results. Wizzy facilitates the search with price range providing various currency options. This is how you can add Currencies: On…

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How to manage Synonyms in Wizzy?

Visitors use the keywords on Search which are not always the exact word in your product portfolio. They use the synonyms of those words for which stores do not show them optimum results. Wizzy allows you to create associations between search terms & catalog data. This is how you can manage Synonyms in Wizzy: On…

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How do I check my Store health?

Visitors who use site search are more likely to purchase compared to those who use standard navigation, as they are shopping with intent. The search box comes with the expectations of delivering results. By keeping a regular health check of site search for showing more relevant results, a business can help visitors find what they…

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How can we switch between different stores?

This is how you can switch between the stores: 1. Go to the Dashboard. 2. Press the tab with the Store name on top navigation next to your profile name. We can switch to another store from the drop-down list. (Each store will have a different environment in your account. All the Settings. API keys…

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How to create a store in Wizzy?

First of all, you will need to create an account on Wizzy. Use the following instructions to create an account: 1. Go to 2. Fill in the details to create the account. 3. Press the Register button after filling in the required details. (Once your registration is completed, an email with an activation link…

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