What is E-Commerce Personalization and How It Can Boost Sales?

What is E-Commerce Personalization?

E-commerce personalization is the term commonly used by the online store owners that relates to offering a personalized shopping experience and interactions to their customers. This can be done by showing dynamic media, content and products based on certain user data, such as purchase history, site search, abandoned items in the cart and their geographic location.

Personalization has become a major trend in the e-commerce industry. According to a study, over 80% of customers say that they get more personalized promotional messages than they used to before a few years ago. It is now clear that online businesses must understand that one size doesn’t fit all and adopt personalized features for more customer acquisition.

Top 4 Ways Personalized Recommendations Can Benefit Your Business

#1 It Builds Customer Trust

Building customer trust online is way more difficult than for brick-and-mortar shops. Customers are required to submit their sensitive personal and payment data to the site they don’t know. Offering personalized experience could help you quickly build their trust. Simply by greeting your customers by name and showing customized search results, it will show your customers that you know what they are looking for and you are eager to help them find the right product, which all contribute in developing strong relationships.

#2 It Increases User Satisfaction

Based on a survey, more than half of the customers say that they will turn to the same brand that offers personalization. If your customers receive a great shopping experience with your website, they are not only going to come back, but they will also recommend your brand to their friends and family. One of the best ways to improve the user experience is by providing efficient and smart search solution that helps users find the products they are looking for with ease. A repeating customer can effortlessly be lured to bring more business.

#3 It Sells More Products

Personalized recommendations can help you improve sales dramatically by increasing the average order size of your customer. When you show related product suggestions based on what your users are looking for, they are likely to buy more items per visit. For instance, if your customer is looking for a laptop, then offering suggestions for laptop accessories, like the laptop bag, cooling fan, mouse, etc., can influence the users to purchase them as well. If you can show personalized product recommendations at a point of nearly completing the purchase, the chances of selling more items in the single transaction go up considerably.

#4 It Gives You Competitive Advantage

Since e-commerce competition is getting more intense, what possibly could help your business stand out is when you provide personalized user experience. When you choose on-site search and e-commerce personalization services from Wizzy, you get a competitive advantage that distinguishes your business from the competition. It will help you offer tailored shopping experience to your customers that boosts customer-brand relationship, which is one of the surefire ways to generate more sales.

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