Growth and Benefits of AI in the E-Commerce Industry

Artificial Intelligence is steadily taking over the eCommerce world, replicating the jobs of human beings that no one ever imagined could happen in the real world. AI is a fantastic concept that supports nearly all modern technologies, and with technological breakthroughs, AI is rapidly revolutionizing the online market.

E-commerce industry has experienced a massive growth over the past few years from the technological point of view. The use of Artificial Intelligence has extremely increased in the ecommerce market since it allows online retailers to predict the shoppers pattern based on the products they search and buy. The growing competition has pushed online players to integrate AI in order to stay ahead in the game. Let us see how AI can benefit your online business.

#1 Create A More Personalized Shopping Experience

AI can truly transform the way you interact with your users. AI will help you gather specific data from your customers and analyze is way more efficient than a human being. It will automatically respond to customer queries based on their needs, purchase history, browsing behavior, account information and online activities. Through AI, you can show personalized product recommendations, exclusive offers, target emails, display personalized ads and set prices. This opens doors to vast sales opportunity.

#2 Create An Efficient Sales Process

Integrating AI into your CRM can help you customize marketing solutions that send ad messages to your customers at the right time. If your system is powered with natural language processing and voice input like Alexa, your CRM system will respond to user questions, resolve issues and identify new sale opportunities quickly and efficiently. It will also help you understand how much time users have spent on a particular product page, so you can send them reminder, or offer attractive deals that influence them to complete the purchase.

#3 Create Customer Centric Search

Before AI, customers weren’t happy with the e-commerce experience due to lack of relevant search results. But, with AI, you can drastically improve e-commerce shopping experience by remembering the way your users make searches. AI uses NLP to understand what your customers are looking to buy. Wizzy site search is not only NLP enabled, but it also offers intelligent auto-complete and smart synonym suggestion that makes sure your customers can find whatever they are searching.

#4 Create Virtual Assistant

Adding personal virtual assistant may not seem important initially, but it is invaluable for any business willing to deliver exceptional customer experience. People shopping from a physical store have the opportunity to communicate face to face with the shop assistant. In the same way, AI can help you set up personal assistant that never sleeps and is ready to assist customers online. The virtual assistant can also be optimized to interpret use voice commands, which further enhances the user experience.


Presently, the e-commerce retailers are in full action to satisfy their customers in every stage of the shopping process right from identifying their interest, to shopping behavior, recommending the products and offering around the clock support. With AI, you can truly transform the way people browse, shop and sell online.

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