How AI Can Help Boost Your Business Sales

As modern technology continues to evolve, it becomes imperative for businesses to adapt to modern sales strategies. When we consider eCommerce industry, technology is your biggest tool given the fact that the market you operate in is very competitive. If you are having a hard time boosting your eCommerce sales, then you should consider a new technology support that all online shops are raving about, which is called Artificial Intelligence.

It hasn’t been long since AI was introduced, yet it made its way into enterprise operations across many industries, including eCommerce. The dynamic capabilities of AI, such as Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Natural Language recognition have helped many organizations optimize their business processes and improve sales.

4 Ways AI Can Improve Your Conversions

#1 Gather Critical Customer Data

Driving business sales boils down to understanding customer behavior, intention, demands and preferences. You cannot meet your customer expectations unless you understand what they are looking for. Using AI, you can gather and interpret customer data faster than any human data manager can. For instance, integrating AI powered on-site search engine like Wizzy will provide you with smart auto-complete feature, advanced facets navigation and intelligent synonyms to improve user search experience and increase your ROI.

#2 Improved Search

Delivering an exceptional customer experience is one of the most important factors that contribute in driving sales. And, you can treat your customers better only when you know their intention. The whole point of having an effective site search is to understand user behavior and offer them what they want. Modern site search powered by AI thinks like humans. With Natural Language Processing capabilities and the ability to create relations between the search terms, you can constantly provide relevant results to your customers. They will easily find what they are looking with minimum efforts.

#3 Retarget Users

It’s not always possible to get 100% return of your marketing campaigns. You need to put extra efforts to convert everyone who did not convert after implementing marketing strategies. But, with AI, you can greatly improve your re-targeting strategies. Based on what your users have searched, you can provide them with personalized recommendations of similar or better products to urge them to complete the purchase. Since the AI will help you grab the right information, you can target specific offers to convert visitors into customers more seamlessly and efficiently.

#4 Reduce Cart Abandonment

There are many reasons users abandon their cart during the checkout process. The use of AI can help you in reducing the cart abandonment rate by offering excellent customer experience. AI can automate follow up process for cart abandonment and provide you with the information about where and why your prospects decided to quit. Whether it is a technical fault, hidden charges, lack of payment methods, too long checkout process, or shipping conditions, AI will help you acquire information that will allow you to remove barriers that hinder conversions.


AI is one of the newest technologies that will revolutionize the e-commerce industry. Online retailers and merchants must adopt new trends, such as AI powered site search in order to survive in this competitive market and exceed customer expectations. If you don’t include AI smart search into your site, then you are losing the game.

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