How Merchandising can Help You Acquire New Customers?

As the e-commerce industry is advancing by leaps and bounds, with hundreds and thousands of online stores competing against each other, it is essential to adopt the concept of merchandising to attract more customers towards your brand. Merchandising simply means promoting your products and services in a way that influences people to purchase from you. This includes strategies like, offering discounts, personalized product recommendations and appealing presentations of products. In this post, we will discuss what merchandising tweaks you can do to bring new customers and generate more sales.

#1 Work for Brand Recognition

There are plenty of ways you can promote your brand, but product merchandising is one of the surefire ways to get brand recognition. Brand recognition means influencing your customers to recognize your products, services and brands the moment they see your business logo. This can be done by giving promotional offers, free gifts and exclusive discounts, and they are sure to feel connected and likely to remember you. According to a study, people remember discounts they got up to one year ago.

#2 Gather Adequate Customer Data

The key to successful merchandising is having a sufficient amount of customer information and easy access to it. Link Google Analytics with your site to monitor conversions, trending keywords and most-searched products, and use that customer data and purchase history to personalize your approach towards retaining your customers.

#3 Implement Smart Site Search Function

The first thing people try to find as soon as they visit your website is the search tool. Your visitors have an idea of what they are looking for, but the on-site search will help them find their desired products. With Wizzy’s intelligent site search, you can design your search tool in a way that uses visual merchandising rather than plain simple text. This way your users will be able to discover items easily that best suit their tastes and preferences as well as enhances user experience.

#4 Make Product Discovery Easy

Easy product discovery should be the core part of any e-commerce site, which can bring more traction from your existing users. Your customers love your brand already, but they are not able to buy new products as they are not able to discover them. Therefore, based on what your customers have bought recently or what’s most trending, try to present them on your website in the form of attractive banners, personalized recommendations and trending items.

#5 Keep it as Simple as Possible

For every e-commerce owner, their end goal is to help people find products on their site and close the deal. For this, it is must to ensure your customers are able to find the right products that match their budget, style and needs, and then allow them to purchase them without any hassle. If you are able to deliver this seamless experience, you are on the solid grounds in terms of customer satisfaction.

The Bottom Line

As you can see how merchandising can help in attracting more customers, it is not something that should be avoided. Acquiring new consumers can be difficult for small and medium size businesses, but the merchandising strategies mentioned above have worked wonders for many e-commerce retailers. There are many other ways to acquire customers, such as social media, mobile app and email marketing, but the key is to try different approaches, see what tactics work and follow the ones that bring desirable results.  

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