Introducing Smart Autocomplete feature


As promised Wizzy is API-first. With each new feature/functionality, we release it’s consumable APIs.

If you own a custom eCommerce store or you want to build an autocomplete feature in Magento/Shopify in the way you want, you can use Wizzy’s Autocomplete API. You won’t need to do any type of configuration to enable smartness of the autocomplete feature. It is out of the box and layered under the API.

Implement the API:

Status on Dashboard

Wizzy provides the indicator to measure- up to what scale the autocomplete is working. Live status of the Autocomplete feature is available on the Dashboard.

This status changes whenever you add products to sync. Building autocomplete based on the new catalogue will take around 5-10 minutes. While it’s being generated, the indicator would turn in yellow colour.

If it halts in yellow status for more than 15 minutes or turns in red, you can contact us at

Self Learning

Now with each new search query, Wizzy learns and improves itself on understanding the Visitor’s intent!

Wizzy facilitates you to structure the large data into ‘Categories’, ‘Colour’, ‘Brand’, ‘Price Range’, etc and suggests you the sequence in which the Visitors on your store are expecting.

Say, I am looking for “white shirts for men”. Let’s see how Wizzy plays with it.

Smartness (how we rank the position)

With a large number of datasets or products, it may lead to the problem of out-of-box predictions. At Wizzy, it fine-tunes the autocomplete behaviour based on the users’ interactions.

Although Autocompletion is important, here more than autocompletion, Autosuggestion plays a very crucial role. In a market, where impulse purchases are high, Auto-Suggestion has the power to push a Visitor to explore more products.

If you’re interested to know more about this feature, you can chat with us directly. (Click on the chat icon in the bottom right corner)

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