The Best 6 Magento Extensions Every E-Commerce Site Should Have

It is hard to discuss e-commerce without including Magento. Being one of the top e-commerce development platforms, Magento offers tons of features and functionalities right out of the box. However, these features are created with an aim to competently run an online store. But, no two businesses are same and every business owner has different expectations from its e-commerce shop. Magento cannot fulfill each and every business expectation through its solution. Online businesses must include a piece of additional code known as ‘Extension’ based on their requirement that optimizes their store’s performance.

These extensions simply extend the features and functionalities of your store. If you are looking to enhance your store’s flexibility and productivity, it is imperative to integrate certain Magento extensions that make your business more impactful. Here is a list of must-have Magento extensions for every e-commerce site to generate more revenue.

#1 Advanced Site Search

It can be very frustrating for customers to search through your site and end up seeing thousands of products that may not be relevant to the search phrase. But, what if your users type the first few letters of the items they are searching and the relevant items right appear beneath? Yes, it is possible to provide your customers with fast, relevant and refined results through Wizzy’s intelligent site search extension. Your customers will be able to find products in no time, which will help in closing deals faster.  

#2 Faster and Simpler Checkout Process

Your users are convinced to buy certain products from you, and now they will enter into checkout process to complete the purchase. If the checkout process is lengthy and complicated, your users may feel exhausted and leave your site without placing the order. Therefore, it is essential to infuse checkout extension that cuts down unnecessary steps, auto detects location, enhances user experience and facilitates faster checkout.

#3 Social Login

The one important extension that every e-commerce owner should incorporate in their site to improve their conversion rate is a social login. This extension allows your consumers to sign in to your online store using their existing social accounts, such as Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and so on, and proceed with their purchase. The extension will eradicate the tedious sign up process and facilitate a convenient shopping experience.

#4 Search Engine Optimization

Since majority of people use search engines to look for their desired products, it is crucial for any e-commerce store to rank on the first page in order to receive traffic to their site. But, it is not easy to manage SEO, which is why Magento offers some of the best SEO extensions. With the right SEO extension, you can manage data feeds, URL structure, meta tags, increase visibility and so on without much effort. You can’t expect your site to rank high on the search engines and attract more visitors without proper SEO.

#5 Rewards Points and Free Gifts

Rewards points and gifts are the best way to make your customers feel that they are being valued, which promote customer retention. Using this extension, you can reward your customers with gifts and points when their order total exceeds a certain amount, and allow them to redeem their points when they come to your site for the next purchase. It is a great way to forge relationships with your customers and encourage them to make future purchases.

#6 Everyday Deals

If you want your customers to buy more products, up-selling and cross-selling are effective marketing techniques that can be deployed through daily deal extension. It motivates your customers to buy a higher-end product or an additional product, which helps you in making a profitable sale. People love getting products at discounted prices, and buying products through everyday deals feature make them feel happy and satisfied.


Magento is indeed one of the best open source e-commerce platforms to develop sites with unique extensions and advanced features. These are some of the excellent Magento extensions that will surely help you boost up your store performance. If you are not able to find the right extensions for your site, it is best to consult Magento web development company and they will help you build extensions that are designed to meet your needs.

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