Top 6 Magento Extensions That Will Certainly Boost Your Sales

Needless to say, Magento is one of the best e-commerce platforms that retail owners across the globe use to power their e-commerce stores. Some leading brands like Ford, Olympus and Nike have already built their websites on Magento, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t use it. However, if you wish to imitate their success, you should definitely integrate these top Magento extensions that will extend your website’s functionality and improve performance. So, just dig in and start incorporating them today.

#1 Google Tag Manager


Google has always provided us with many useful tools, and Google Tag Manager is one of the best extensions that will allow you to access multiple Google services from one place. It is all-in-one tool for Google Adwords conversion tracking, Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. It also supports re-marketing campaigns and super easy to work with.

#2 Wizzy: On-site Search Extension


On-site search engine is an integral part of any e-commerce store. If your customers are searching for a specific product, but they are unable to locate them, it can be very disappointing. But, when you integrate excellent site search from Wizzy, you will see drastic improvements in your search results as well as on the relevancy of the searches.

#3 One-step Checkout Extension


Often long and tedious checkout process tends your customers to leave your website. In this fast-paced world, offering one-step checkout process will allow your customer to complete the purchase quickly and conveniently. Simplifying the checkout process will also help you improve sales and reduce cart abandonment.

#4 Special Promotions Pro


Special discounts, deals, offers and other marketing strategies have proven to encourage sales, so why not integrate in your website and attract more customer. Amasty’s Special Promotions Pro will help you create special campaigns based on the purchase history of your users, so you can make your them feel special and urge them to purchase more from you.

#5 Live Chat Solution


If you are looking to offer dedicated customer support, then you may want to consider incorporating chat solution into your website. Olark live chat solution comes with tons of features that allow you to talk to your customers live and resolve their issues, and it is worth considering if you are a Magento e-commerce store owner. It is extremely easy to use and requires no training. Just create some profiles and start interacting with your users.

#6 Stripe Payment Gateway


Stripe payment gateway is just right for you if you are looking to get your online store up and running and accept payments instantly and securely. This payment extension enables your customers to pay through credit card and debit card as well as Android Pay, Apple Pay and Bitcoin. They are also working to include more payment types.

Make your Magento shop stand out by including these six highly useful extensions. The suggestions are based on our experience using these extensions, which has helped us increase conversion rates and deliver a seamless user experience.

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