What is NLP and Why is it Important in Creating Smooth Site Search?

If you are running an e-commerce business, by now you must have heard about NLP (Natural Language Processing) and its role in creating a flawless on-site search experience. The voice search and NLP are fast becoming the favorite tools amongst enterprises to gain a competitive edge. They are no longer limited to just search engines, but they are making their way to the e-commerce industry as well. But, what is natural language and how it can affect e-commerce owner?

What is Natural Language?

Natural Language simply means the way we speak naturally. NLP allows users to search using the natural language and the search engine will determine what content to deliver, which is based not only on keywords, but also on the sentiment and the syntax of the content.

Top 3 Ways NLP Can Benefit Your On-Site Search

#1 Better Search Results

When search algorithms were based on keywords in the past, the users had to think about what to enter in the search to get the desired results. However, after the introduction of NLP, the focus has shifted from keywords to literal meaning. Since NLP follows a semantic approach, the search results will be displayed based on the connection with the search terms, and not just the results that contain the search terms. This helps in understanding what actually the users are looking for and deliver better use-experience.

#2 Improved User Experience

As a business owner, you might be familiar with the impact of poor customer experience. Your customers are human, and the humans are bound to make errors, forget details and confuse the brands with products. It is up to the search engine to bridge that gap and show exactly or close to what your users are looking for. Search engines when powered by NLP deliver much better search results and improve user satisfaction even when the user enters scant information that might otherwise mess results.

#3 More Data for Growth with Indepth Data Mining

One of the ways to grow your business is determining what your users are searching for. With the help of enormous data mining capabilities offered by NLP, you can measure the data to a great extent, and go all the way to understand their behavior and intentions. The information regarding the user’s age, gender, location, preferred products and search behavior can be useful to you across numerous aspects of your business, from social advertising and marketing campaigns to SEO and beyond.


NLP has come a long way in offering an improved user experience, better search results and more satisfied customers, which ultimately lead to more return on investment. That is why there is a huge shift of retailers looking to implement NLP-based site search in their online store. Wizzy’s NLP-powered on-site search has already helped many e-commerce businesses and enterprises leverage the full potential of NLP in search engine to deliver accurate results for complex searches. Get in touch with us today to integrate powerful search solution like Wizzy in your online storefront.

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