3 Major Reasons Customers Leave Your Site Before Placing Order

You may have experienced this situation many times: a user comes to your online shop, look around for some time, then leaves your website without explanation. It is very natural for an ecommerce owner to feel helpless in this perplexing situation. For any online store, it is very important to offer an excellent user experience as well as a wider range of products that appeal to their customers.

If your users are leaving your site without any explanation, then there is something wrong. Other than disinterest in the products and price difference, there could be many reasons for leaving your site. But, one thing is for sure, regardless of the reason, the fault is purely yours and you need to take serious steps to retain your customers.

In this article, we will discuss some common yet crucial reasons your users leave your site and what you can do to improve their experience and get more sales.

#1 Users are not able to find what they are looking for

It is very simple to understand that you cannot buy what you cannot see. The first thing that people find on your website is the search bar. They use the site search with the expectation to see relevant results and choose products that suit best their needs. According to a study, a site search can help you boost conversion rate by 50%.

By integrating intelligent site search from Wizzy, online businesses can offer a more streamlined way to find products and complete the ordering process. When customers are quickly able to find what they are looking for, it makes them feel that you care for them and they tend to return to your site for future purchases.

#2 Absence of responsive and fast loading websites

It is really frustrating for a user to wait for the site that takes too long to open. Based on a study, online stores lose nearly $2.5 million worth of sales every year due to low page speed. Considering the fact that users would like to purchase products as quickly as possible, it is important to create pages that are responsive and load in fraction of the seconds.

A good way to improve page load speed is to keep the search tool simple, structured navigation, include less graphics and animation, and optimize your site for mobile devices since majority of customers use mobile devices to access their favorite sites. It all boils down to create experiences that make it easy for your users to complete the shopping process.

#3 Lack of sufficient product details and photos

One of the major reasons that baffles shoppers in their shopping decision is the lack of product information. Since your customers are not able to make a decision, you need to make sure you provide them with enough product information and related photos, so they can know what exactly they are purchasing.

In the product description, try to add details about measurements, size, weight, dimensions, durability, material and special features of the product. Upload photos from different angles and show scale. If the product is available in different color variants, try to post the picture with each color. This way you can add valuable information, allowing your users to make an informed decision.


Since e-commerce today is all about delivering convenience and intuitive user experience, you need to work out on every aspect of your site to ensure they are completely satisfied. Although you endeavor hard to convert every single visitor into a customer, there are many other steps that you can follow to close a near-miss deal successfully. The aforementioned tips will certainly help you enhance your website performance and acquire potential customers.

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