Top 3 On-site Search Trends of 2019

The e-commerce industry is growing at a rapid pace. Every year it comes up with new advanced features that become imperative for e-commerce players to adopt them in order to survive in the competitive market. In this competitive and ever-changing market, the businesses are consistently working hard to deliver a better customer experience and improve their sales. On-site search is one of the most important elements of any e-commerce website that can make or break the sales. This post contains top 3 e-commerce on-site search trends that can help you generate more revenue. 

#1 Improved Customer Experience is a Key

Those who have realized the importance of delivering enhanced user experience have already gained competitive advantage. Users are now connected to the internet in more than one way. And, given the number of retailers, channels and products, the success of any business is majorly dependent on how they serve the customers.  

Internal search feature on the website helps improve their buying journey. Integrating intelligent site search, such as Wizzy: search eCommerce wizard, can collect data from the previous searches and it automatically optimizes the results to personalize every ordering journey. This will not only improve user experience, but also increase the retention rate. 

#2 The Shift to Mobile

According to a research, every third person on this planet owns a smart phone. Mobile devices offer easy connectivity to the internet, and nowadays they are being used for carrying out nearly all kinds of online transaction. With ever-increasing number of mobile phone users, not having a platform-specific website could result in the loss of key conversions.  

When your users are visiting your site through mobile phone, they are looking for a quick, clear and convenient path to purchase. It is highly suggested that you go for Progressive Web Apps (PWA) that provides an easier way to optimize site search along with page load speed and UI design. PWA enables you to integrate all the tools to provide better search functionality and streamline user interaction with your website. 

#3 Augmented Reality for Better Product Visualization

Viewing images online is often less persuasive than seeing images in person. E-commerce product photography and product details have revolutionized the online shopping experience. Enhanced product images provide better understanding of products, so users can make informed decisions while choosing their products. 

AR technology has emerged as a popular trend that makes the complete buying process more convenient and hassle-free. AR allows customers to view products as they see them physically. Users can get 360 degree viewing experience, allowing them to zoom, rotate and flip the images. When users are able to see accurate colors and the product from all the angles, they are more likely to make a purchase. 

The Bottom Line

The upcoming years will bring many new advancements and competition in e-commerce site search, so it will become necessary to incorporate smart site search on your website. Research shows that businesses that use site search will see a rise in conversion rate by 30% by 2021.

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