Top 5 Fantastic Ways to Optimize Your E-Commerce Mobile Site

If you run an eCommerce business, you know how important it is to follow the latest marketing tactics to drive more sales. If you don’t have an amazing marketing trick under your sleeve, you are losing potential conversions. One of the important tricks is to stay ahead in the sector where the user behavior is influenced. According to a research, more than 55% of total e-commerce traffic is received from mobile devices. Mobile has become a primary source for making a purchase. Therefore, it is now more crucial than ever to design a mobile site that delivers a superior browsing experience to your users and boost your revenue even further. 

#1 Make your mobile website lighter and more responsive

Based on a study, more than 50% of people abandon the site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Making  your site faster and lighter will help you retain customers, and they are less likely to leave your website. Moreover, Google gives priority to the sites that load faster. Hence, it will also make your site visible on the top of SERPs for mobile. Try compressing and reducing the usage of high resolution images, increase server response time, optimize JS and CSS files and remove unnecessary clutter to speed up your mobile site. 

#2 Use intelligent search bar

It is really frustrating to see a tiny search box that is not even clearly visible unless you pinch or zoom in. To eliminate this issue, using an intelligent search is highly recommended. Optimize your search such that when you click on the search box, it should only focus on the box and dim the rest of the page. Integrate predictive or auto-complete feature, so the users need to write only a few letters and it starts suggesting. Wizzy: Search eCommerce Wizard provides you with tons of features to make your search smart and offer fast shopping experience to your users. 

#3 Optimize user interface and user experience

Mobile users don’t like to use a website that doesn’t have a flawless user interface. They are likely to go to your competitors if they are not happy browsing your site. The users expect to complete the process with minimum taps and without any hassle. Therefore, make sure you optimize your site to make it simpler, quicker and more fluid. They should be able to shop from your e-commerce website with as fewer taps as possible. 

#4 Personalize shopping experience

Providing quality products and services aren’t adequate to drive more sales. No two users are the same, and when it comes to retaining them, it is necessary to give them personalized buying experience. Request them to give you access to their personal information. Use that information to understand their shopping behavior, and offer personalized recommendations based on their searches and likes. When you treat your customers individually, they will feel honored and they are sure to make a purchase from your site. 

#5 Simplify your website navigation

Browsing on a small screen is always tricky, especially for e-commerce sites. That’s why it becomes imperative to simplify your website with clear and simple navigation. A good idea would be to place the call to action buttons and other essential elements on easily accessible location. Give your products center stage and leave the rest of the screen clutter-free. Choose the font size such that they are easily readable and users don’t need to zoom in. Make your page spacious and interactive, so that your users can tap wherever they want with minimum efforts.  

Wrapping Up

Since mobiles are dominating the e-commerce industry, it has become obligatory to have a responsive website in order to survive in the market. The key to making your mobile site stand out is to make it fast, light and super user-friendly, and you will certainly experience a dramatic rise in your sales.

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