Top 5 Must Have Filters to Have in your Shopify Collection Page

Shopify is a powerful platform that supports hundreds of e-commerce activities. Collection pages—digital stores that display products in an orderly manner and make it simple for visitors to peruse options—are crucial to its success. Although these pages act as a platform for product displays, their real effectiveness is found in the application of powerful product filters.

Ease and accuracy are what customers look for when they shop online, which means having a collection page that is clear and easy to use is essential. Here’s where product filters come into play, providing a link between buyers and the wide range of products on sale. These filters serve as entry points, allowing visitors to quickly refine their search on particular attributes like size, color, budget, and much more.

Although not all of these filters are made the same, choosing the appropriate ones can have a big impact on sales rates and user satisfaction. In this blog we will be exploring the necessary filters that are essential for your shopify collection pages. We are going to look at the top five essential filters that can improve e-commerce and improve the consumer experience.

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Top 5 Must Have Filters for Shopify Collection Pages

  1. Filter by Product Category/Type

Sorting products by type or category is one of the basic filters that are essential for boosting the user experience while shopping. This filter is the foundation of effective navigation, allowing users to quickly locate exactly what they’re looking for. Adding a category or type filter to your shopify collection page gives buyers an organized overview of your products. 

You are able to speed up the search process by breaking things down into separate categories like apparel, gadgets, accessories, or divisions like shirts, jeans, cellphones, or jewelry. Using category filters is excellent since it can accommodate a wide range of client preferences.

Time is not just the single benefit; it also improves user satisfaction and raises conversion rates. It is in line with the customer-focused strategy needed in the cutthroat world of e-commerce currently, opening the way for greater participation and conversion rates.

2. Price Range Filter

Another key filter that plays a major role in this inclusion on shopify collection pages is price range filter. When consumers are browsing products at different price points, this filter acts as a helpful guide, allowing them to narrow down their search to products that are both affordable and valuable.

This filter makes it easy to reach the appropriate price tag, regardless of whether a user is looking for high-end items, middle-range options, or affordable ones. It recognises and values every aspect of customers’ financial capacities and budgetary requirements.

By adding the price range filter to your shopify collection pages, you provide consumers with greater affordability and choice while promoting the idea that high-quality goods are available in a range of price points. It is evidence of a brand’s comprehension of the needs of its clientele and dedication to offering solutions that are affordable in a range of price ranges.

3. Size, Color, or Variant Filters 

The catch often lies in the small things when it comes to the complex web of e-commerce. Customers like being able to personalize their search to precisely match their tastes. Shopify collection pages browsing is transformed by the use of size, color, and variant filters.

Imagine the dissatisfaction by endlessly scrolling over products, searching through an infinite number of possibilities for an exact size of shoe, or struggling to discover that ideal red dress between a sea of colors. By allowing users to focus their hunt based on size, color and variant these problems can be reduced.

Sellers can turn searching from a tedious process into an enjoyable activity by adding size, color, or variant filters to shopify collection pages. It thus increases client trust in the buying options available, cultivates a feeling of relief, and eventually increases conversions.

4. Customizable Filters

Including customisable filters is a game-changer for shopify collection pages. These filters go beyond the norm and enable companies to precisely address the distinctive tastes of their target market, providing a customized browsing experience that appeals to each individual.

The adaptability of customisable filters is what makes them unique. Shopify stores may provide a personalized experience for their customers by using filters based on tags, metafields, variation details, and other factors. 

For example, tags and meta fields allow items to have particular attributes or descriptors added to them, which makes evaluating products more accurate. Using tags and meta fields such as “organic,” “handcrafted,” or “made in India,” customers may easily identify products that perfectly suit their tastes.

Companies can adjust and refine these filters to better meet the changing needs of their intended market. Shopify stores can remain flexible and responsive by customizing their filters, which allows them to deliver a personalized and smooth purchasing experience, regardless of the time of year, special offers, or distinctive features of their products.

5. Ratings and Reviews Filter

By leveraging the combined opinions and experiences of other buyers, the ratings and reviews filter is an effective tool that gives users the ability to make well-informed purchasing decisions. For consumers looking for originality and dependability in an environment where options flourish and choices can be difficult, this filter acts as a lighthouse.

Buyers can use this filter to sort and browse products according to feedback and ratings posted by users who have already utilized those items. It provides an insight into the ideas, experiences, and satisfaction levels of other customers in real life. Additionally, the ratings and reviews filter promotes openness and confidence between the company and its clients. 

Today’s knowledgeable consumers find great resonance in this feature, which enables them to evaluate the applicability, dependability, and quality of products before finalizing a purchase. To make sure they keep their attention on products that have received recognition or endorsement from other customers, users may set up filters to display goods with high ratings and positive reviews.


The effectiveness of shopify collection pages is directly tied to the filters integrated into them. Businesses can improve their online shops by adding essential filters like product category/type, ratings and reviews, and others that are covered above. Adopting these recommendations is essential for developing a customer-centric mindset as well as for being competitive in the market. 

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