Wizzy: The Best Site Search Extension for Magento

Does your website have great products, but not able to generate enough sales? Perhaps, this is the time you should consider your on-site search. In the present e-commerce world, site search is perceived as one of the most important elements of the website. The reason is simple: many users start browsing by entering the text in the search bar. A good site search is fast, and deliver relevant results to customers without any fuss.

While Magento is a great web development platform to create dynamic stores, the default search engine is not always the best choice, especially when you have thousands of products and complicated structure. If you are looking for the best on-site search extension for your Magento store that not only improves user experience, but also improve conversions and decrease cart abandonment, then Wizzy is the right choice for you.

With Wizzy, you can get in-depth insight on what your customers are looking for, giving you the data that will help you make future business decisions. Here are a few good reasons that make Wizzy the most exceptional on-site search engine.

#1 Optimized for Mobile

Since mobile users are growing day by day, it doesn’t make sense not to have a mobile optimized site search. It is extremely important to include fundamental filters, such as category, brand, price and reviews. With Wizzy, you get the same mobile browsing experience as on the desktop. It provides you with all the necessary filters that allow your customers to narrow down the search efficiently and quickly.

#2 Powered by Natural Language Processing Technology

Natural Language Processing or NLP is a part of AI, which describes the interaction between human language and computer systems. Wizzy’s NLP enabled search engine is a self-learning tool, which is the ideal choice for e-Commerce owners because it keeps learning by observing how your users interact with your store through the site search. It is capable of auto completing the search queries, understanding typos and quickly translating huge unstructured query into desirable results.

#3 Deliver Relevance Results

The website that fails to deliver relevant search results instantly lose conversions. A set of relevant results will make your users feel more confident about your website and your ability to fulfill their needs. When your visitors perform a search, they make the assessment of a few items in the search results within seconds, even without scrolling below the fold. Therefore, understanding the importance of relevancy, the Wizzy site search engine is designed to deliver results that influence users to convert.

#4 Real Time Report

Often neglected, but reports are the most critical part of a site search that can save you considerable time and money. Through the reports and analytics, you can know what keywords are being searched the most, how many number of products are being displayed for a single search term and is it showing relevant results. This is particularly useful for retailers looking for new ways to promote their products.


If you want to get the most out of your Magento site, we would highly recommend integrating Wizzy on-site search in your website. Our search engine is incorporated with all the latest technology and trends that will dramatically improve user experience and bring you more sales. Get in touch with us today and we will assure to make your search faster and more reliable.

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