5 SEO Hacks That Every eCommerce Website Needs To Implement In 2022

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has had a broad impact on almost every industry. We’ve noticed the most significant change in the way people shop nowadays. People prefer to shop online rather than in traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Because everything is now available on our palms, this facility is very user-friendly. It is a well-established theory that…

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What Is Customer Lifetime Value For An eCommerce Store And How You Can Maximize It?

Customers play a critical role in making an impact on eCommerce stores. Customers are known as the driving force behind the creation of an eCommerce store’s brand name. Many brands have launched new campaigns to acquire new customers, but retaining existing customers is far superior to acquiring new ones. Existing customers are those with whom…

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7 Out-Of-The-Box Ways To Increase Sales Of An eCommerce Store With Existing Traffic.

It is no longer difficult to open an eCommerce store. eCommerce sites are now popular, and they are an excellent method to earn passive money with little effort. Once you’ve begun your trip, the following stage is to support your eCommerce business in the long run. Marketing your store is essential for its long-term viability….

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7 Tips To Enhance The User Search Experience For Your eCommerce Store

Every eCommerce website has two types of visitors: browsers and shoppers. This visitor is stuck in the middle of the sales funnel. This user has only just learned about your site and is browsing it casually. This user is in the exploration stage, where he will look through all of the products on your website….

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Do You Know What Your Shoppers Look For In Your eCommerce Store? We Do…

Yes, you read that correctly. You might be able to show exactly what your clients are seeking for by using the Wizzy search tool. A search bar for your eCommerce tool is a necessary component of any website. Well, you might think about using the greatest search bar tool, which has a lot of fascinating…

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How To Create A Successful Exit Pop Up Ads Campaign For Your E-Commerce Site

Wizzy guide on how to create the best exit pop up ad campaign for your e-commerce store.

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Why You Need A Separate Analytics Dashboard For Your Site Search For E-Commerce

Explore the reasons why e-commerce websites and apps need a separate analytics dashboard to understand search behaviour and impact of search on sales and revenue.

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How To Use WhatsApp Business For E-commerce: The Ultimate Guide

A detailed analysis on how and why to use WhatsApp Business to drive your e-commerce business.

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Week In Review From The World Of E-commerce – 15 JULY 2022

Social Media Looks To Commerce For Revenue (Entrepreneur) Out of  $117.93 billion in revenue generated by Facebook, $114.93 billion came from advertising. Although advertising contributes majorly to revenue, social media platforms are diversifying their revenue streams.  Apple introduced a new tracking feature called ATT (App Tracking Transparency), allowing users to opt out of tracking, after…

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How To Optimise Your Product Pages For More Sales

A guide to learn to optimise your product pages in seven effective ways and boost your e-commerce conversion and revenue.

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