Omnichannel vs. Multichannel Stores – Introduction & Key Differences Explained

In the world of e-commerce, digital marketplaces, social selling and physical stores, multichannel and omnichannel are the most popular buzzwords. Businesses today strive to reach more customers by setting up multiple online storefronts and marketing channels. However, the multichannel marketing often runs into problems like miscommunication, style inconsistency and confusing user experience between those channels….

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Top 10 KPIs to Measure in Your E-Commerce Store

When measuring the sales performance in e-commerce, it is very easy to get overwhelmed by vanity metrics that don’t really pass useful information about how the sales are performing. As Avinash Kaushik, the digital marketing expert at Google says, most businesses are data rich, but information poor. That means all businesses have data, but they…

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7 Effective Cross-selling and Upselling Techniques to Boost Your E-commerce Sales

Cross-selling and upselling offers obvious benefits to all e-commerce owners regardless of what industry they belong. In fact, over 30% of all customers order again from the same online store within the first year of placing their first order. Product recommendations have proven to increase average order value. There are several personalized product recommendation tactics…

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7 Things to Consider For Effective Product Recommendation Implementation

It is no secret that people now love receiving personalized shopping experiences. In fact, according to a survey conducted by Business Insider, nearly 50% of consumers said that they have bought something that they were not planning to buy because of receiving personalized product recommendations. But, these figures are not guaranteed from any product suggestion….

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B2B, B2C, D2C, C2C and Social Commerce – What is the Difference?

E-commerce business of all types are blooming. The amount of online sales is growing exponentially year after year. Think about how did you buy clothes recently? How did you buy your mobile phone? How did you get your groceries? Innovative e-commerce business models have transformed the way we shop today. Businesses that operate digitally are…

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How Google is Trying Anti-Amazon Strategy to Support D2C Brands

In the recent years, e-commerce industry has witnessed a massive growth and a quickly evolving atmosphere. With covid-19 pandemic in 2020, more customers are turning to online stores rather than going to physical retail shops. This has created an urgency to come up with new shopping marketplaces that would compete with Amazon. Recently, Google came…

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Progressive Web Apps Vs. Native Apps – Which is Right for Your Business?

The number of mobile phone users is growing every passing day. Any company that wishes to engage more customers and generate more sales should embrace mobile apps as an essential tool to deliver great user experience. In order to meet modern customer demands, e-commerce owners must provide easy, fast and smooth mobile experience. In the…

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Shopify Vs. BigCommerce – Which is Best for My Business?

If you are planning to start an online store, you will soon face the dilemma of which framework to choose. There are plenty of e-commerce website builders out there, and many of them are really good. However, most of them are not user-friendly and may require additional help from the experts in order to fully…

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How to Boost E-commerce Product Discovery With Synonyms

E-commerce industry has evolved a lot since its inception. With increasing competition and changing trends, it has become a real challenge for any e-commerce owner to acquire customers and boost their sales. One element that can work wonders for your site if implemented correctly is the e-commerce site search. We wouldn’t be talking about the…

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10 Must-Have Shopify Apps to Boost Your Sales in 2021

Shopify is an excellent e-commerce development platform that allows you to set up an e-commerce store and start selling online in no time. In fact, not only it makes easy for you to sell online, but it offers a plethora of apps or tools that storefronts need to achieve business objectives. The Shopify App Store…

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