Top 6 On-Site Search Features That Every E-Commerce Store Should Have

Choosing the right e-commerce on-site search provider can be tricky. If you don’t know what to look for or what features are critical to your business, it is easy to fall victim to deceiving things that won’t bring sales. Worse, you may end up investing in features that you don’t require. In this post, we will help you choose the right e-commerce site search provider that provides the below-mentioned 6 important features that every e-commerce owner should include in their search engine.  

#1 Intelligent Auto-complete

An auto-complete is a vital part of any search engine. Auto-complete feature not only aids the customers with smart suggestions when they are in a hurry, but also serves a source of inspiration to encourage them to consider other options. For instance, if your user is searching shoes for women, he may start typing ‘shoes for…’ and smart suggestions will show up ‘shoes for women’ and ‘shoes for man’. This may encourage him to buy shoes for himself as well.

#2 NLP Enabled

Natural Language Processing or NLP is the search engine’s ability to process the natural language. Even though the users don’t write the exact words or search queries, it should display the results based on their intention. The discovery of the results shifts from explicit search keywords to long tail semantic searches. Since NLP understands the user intention better, it will present even more relevant results.

#3 Advanced Faceted Search

How do you feel if you cannot find a product at a first glance? Apply filters, right? Advanced faceted feature allows your users to narrow down the results from a large catalogue by enabling them to use specific filters and sorting options. It enhances the search by applying different parameters to it and allow your users to navigate to the products they are looking for.

#4 Search Using Synonyms

What if you forget the actual word of the product, but remember a more general term. A site search should be able to make a connection between the search terms and the product catalog. Some search engine also possesses self learning algorithm that recommends new synonyms automatically, so your visitor can easily find what they are looking for,

#5 Spell Correction

As humans, we are bound to forget spellings and often make typing errors while searching for products. A site search with spelling correction will automatically show the corrected spelling and the user will be able to choose the right items from the list.

#6 Optimized Search for Mobile

Since majority of the customers visit their favorite online shops from mobile, it doesn’t make sense not to have an optimized site search for mobile. Having an optimized site search in mobile lets your users to enjoy the same browsing experience as on desktop.

The Bottom Line

On-site feature is constantly evolving. Using free site search plug-ins that don’t allow you to customize  means you are losing the competitive edge here. That is why Wizzy offers extraordinary site search plug-in that contains all the above features to deliver an excellent user experience and generate more revenue. Wizzy’s site search will pay for itself by driving more conversions.

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