Wizzy Is Now Part Of The 100X VC Club—A Personal Account Of How It All Happened

Read about the step-by-step journey of how Alok and Aenik (founders of Wizzy) approached potential investors and eventually became a part of one of India’s most innovative VC firms 100X.

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Decoding Google Shopping Search

Read Wizzy’s analysis on the technology and user experience behind Google Shopping search.

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Decoding The Amazon Search Bar

Read our analysis of how Amazon site search works and what independent ecommerce stores can do to transform site search.

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Top 14 Customer Segments for Your E-commerce Store

Do you know only about 50% of all businesses don’t survive for more than five years. Failing to understand their customer behavior and using wrong marketing strategies are the two major reasons why businesses fail. That means entrepreneurs must come up with effective ways that ensure sustainability and growth for a longer duration. One of…

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Where D2C Model is Heading to in 2021 and How You Can Get Started?

We all have been hearing various business models over the last few years, such as B2B, B2C, D2C, C2C and so on. But, what model does our business belong and how it can benefit us is what needs to be understood. One model quickly became the favorite of many independent brands that enabled them to…

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12 Crucial Things to Display on Product Detail Page

Product pages are a vital element for any e-commerce store. An e-commerce product page design often make or break a sale. Do you remember watching a product video while shopping online? Did you look at the product reviews? Did you end up leaving the site due to some reason? Every stage in the user purchase…

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How to Connect Google Shopping with Your Shopify Store

As an e-commerce owner, you must be optimizing your site for SEO. One of the most effective ways to reach out billions of prospects in this digital world is by connecting the Shopify store with your Google Shopping. Google Shopping ads were introduced by the software giant over eight years ago. Over the course of…

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How to Reduce Product Returns of Your E-commerce Store

E-commerce product returns are bad, not only for the customer, but for retailers as well. However, e-commerce returns are unavoidable. Every business owner encounters some kind of returns at some point in time. In fact, one out of three products purchased online are returned. Out of all returns, about 65% of the time these returns…

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Importance of Site Search in E-commerce and 6 Ways to Improve It

For many businesses, site search is just a box in the UX checklist that needs to be ticked. It is often perceived as a small space where visitors type in their searches. With customer expectations growing higher than ever and acquisition getting harder than ever, brands that don’t leverage the full of potential of site…

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Top 9 Ways to Display Related Products and Boost Sales

A successful e-commerce store is the one that makes the process of finding and buying products easier for its customers. Helping customers find the right products easily saves time, increases customer satisfaction and decreases the likelihood of the customers leaving empty-handed. Displaying related products is one of the effective ways to improve your product discovery….

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